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     Hello and Thank you for your interest in Breedmaster Dog Training,  we are South Florida's premier spot for all of your dog training needs. All of our training programs can be tailored to suit your schedule and budget. Training can be performed in your home and/or at our training facility. Offering dog training packages to fit every pocketbook, from one on one in intensive home training with just your family and the master trainer, to group classes designed to properly socialize your dog in a controlled and safe environment. Our classes are designed with every stage of canine development in mind, starting with a very affordable beginners puppy training class, progressing as your pup grows and matures to "on lead" training program, then when your dog has matured and is ready moving into advanced "off lead" training. We offer a host of specialized and customized dog training services to suit your specific needs.  


Contact Breedmaster Dog Training now!

Phone: 954-382-5037

Your Initial Consultation is Free!  

    We take a personal interest in every dog we train, unlike many other companies, we are available to call any time day or night and you can speak directly to your dog’s trainer, this allows you to address behavioral issues and get advice on the proper ways to deal with your dog's behavior and growth. The success of all canine training is consistency. Training the dog is important but our ultimate goal is to train you to be your dog's handler. In a very short time you will learn how to read your dog's actions and react properly, this will promote a feeling of confidence in the dog, they will not just be obedient, but will want to work and please you. By following our proven methods of training, your puppy will become a confident well behaved pet and will develop into a beloved member of your family. This is after all why we choose to get any pet?... You owe it to your dog to make sure they are properly trained, one day their life may depend on them listening and following your commands without hesitation. 


    We will go out of our way to make sure you feel at ease throughout all stages of your dog's training, you will get to take an active role in your puppy's develop, taking part in all aspects of your dog's training. There is an incredible sense of accomplishment seeing your puppy catch on to the training and "get it" as we say... You will be a very large and important part of this growth, you will see your dog's progress and will know without question that your dog is being well treated and remains happy 


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 Intensive One-on-One

Advanced Obedience Training


Our training center is capable of accommodating  all of your dog training needs. We're located in Broward County, South Florida, but our services are just a "click" or call away. Contact one of our trainers  to discuss which of our professional Dog Training services you are interested in, or to make an appointment to visit one of our lovable trained dogs available for sale.

Group Puppy Classes

New Classes Starting Regularly


Breedmaster Dog Training offers a five week puppy group class. This is a wonderful program for puppies under a year old and first time puppy owners! You and your dog will learn the basics, you will become more comfortable and your dog will gain valuable socialization skills.