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Off Leash Training

Off Leash Training can save your dog's life!



 Off Leash Training is every dog owner’s ultimate goal! It is also one of the most important steps to take in the evolution of your dog's training. Imagine telling your dog what to do and wherever they are they obey your command!  We consider a dog Off Leash Trained when your dog obeys the basic commands - heel, sit, down, stay and come - without a leash and with the confidence to know that they will listen the first time, every time! We will give you the training and tools necessary to accomplish this goal while keeping it fun and fulfilling for both you and your dog.   



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Phone: 954-382-5037

Your Initial Consultation is Free!  


    At Breedmaster we use the most advanced electric stimulation collars that are customer fitted and sized to your dog's specific size. These collars are used to give very light correction and to get the dog's attention when they are working with the trainer/handler. But, wait just a minute!.... Aren't remote training collars really just a  shock collar? The answer is an emphatic and resounding ―NO! The fact is, these training tools are constructed with micro amperage and don't have the capacity to shock like an electrical outlet, they can even be used safely in water with no adverse effects. Think of it as having a buzzer attached to your dog that creates a vibration sensation. These remote training collar are an effective and safe communication tool that teaches a dog to develop self-control and a solid sense of teamwork through a system of positive reinforcement and gentle correction. 




   Before a dog is eligible for Off Leash Training, he/she must know all of their basic commands on leash!  This is an advanced training course and we recommend a dog be at least 7 months old before they can start Off Leash training.



 Intensive One-on-One

Advanced Obedience Training


Our training center is capable of accommodating  all of your dog training needs. We're located in Broward County, South Florida, but our services are just a "click" or call away. Contact one of our trainers  to discuss which of our professional Dog Training services you are interested in, or to make an appointment to visit one of our lovable trained dogs available for sale.

Group Puppy Classes

New Classes Starting Regularly


Breedmaster Dog Training offers a five week puppy group class. This is a wonderful program for puppies under a year old and first time puppy owners! You and your dog will learn the basics, you will become more comfortable and your dog will gain valuable socialization skills.