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Advanced Obedience Training


   Advanced Canine Obedience training is the the proverbial "next step" in the evolution of your dog's training. Once you and your dog finish basic obedience training and your dog displays a consistent pattern of understanding all of the basic commands.  They will be ready to enter the next phase of training. We usually like to move into this stage of training at about 1 year old and only after the dog has a firm understanding of all the foundation commands .  All dogs develop and learn at different speeds, some breeds learn very fast, some require more consistent work and repetitive training.


Dogs and owners who opt into this level of training will begin to learn advanced training techniques such as... 

  • Hand Signals
  • Introduction to friendly strangers and other dogs
  • New commands like "Place" and "Leave it" while reinforcing the fundamental commands
  • Preforming under distraction
  • Preparation for off-leash training
  • and much more...


  Training your dog is beneficial in many ways. It creates a bond between you and your dog, reminds your puppy who is Alpha, ensures your dog can accompany you anywhere and provides a safe way for you to address any problematic behavior. It will also result is a more confident and calm pet. Your dog wants to work, they crave your attention and desires only to please their fellow pack members (that's you and your family) Dogs who are deemed a "bad dog" are most often just the result of a lack of attention and training by their owner during the critical development stage of their life. It is very important for you to take an active role in your dog's development, teach them the discipline and confidence using gentle correction and lots of love.



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 Advanced Obedience TrainingAdvanced Obedience Training

 Intensive One-on-One

Advanced Obedience Training


Our training center is capable of accommodating  all of your dog training needs. We're located in Broward County, South Florida, but our services are just a "click" or call away. Contact one of our trainers  to discuss which of our professional Dog Training services you are interested in, or to make an appointment to visit one of our lovable trained dogs available for sale.

Group Puppy Classes

New Classes Starting Regularly


Breedmaster Dog Training offers a five week puppy group class. This is a wonderful program for puppies under a year old and first time puppy owners! You and your dog will learn the basics, you will become more comfortable and your dog will gain valuable socialization skills.