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Housebreaking and Crate Training

Housebreaking and Crate training for your new Puppy!    


    We are often ask just why is crate training so important?...  Well, the theory behind crate training is simple it all goes back to a natural instinct. Dogs and their ancestor's  have a natural proclivity to find a cave or a den in the wild. This is where they feel safe from predators, where they can relax, eat, sleep and raise their young. In the wild, a den is usually an enclosed area hidden away in a quiet place.  In your home, the crate becomes their den, they quickly learn that  so that no matter what is happening outside the "den", she can feel protected and secure in her own safe place. 

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Phone: 954-382-5037

Your Initial Consultation is Free!  


   One of our most popular programs is Puppy Boot Camp!  Your puppy will come to camp for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, during this time we will place your puppy on a consistent feeding, watering and outdoor elimination schedule. We deal with the accidents, the clean up and we provide your new puppy with a safe and comfortable environment in which they will learn proper "Den Etiquette".  We will be properly introduce your puppy to the crate and working on play biting, socialization and work on preventing separation anxiety often associated with crate training.  When your puppy graduates from camp, we will then pass on to you everything you need to know to acclimate your puppy back to your home and start to transition your puppy from being crate trained into a fully housebroken pet. 


    "Housebreaking" means that you will gradually be removing the need for a crate as a means to control when your puppy is allow to eliminate.  Your puppy will gradually earn the right to roam freely in your home. We do however, suggest keeping your puppy in the crate, when you’re not home, until the puppy has out grown all destructive puppy behaviors. This is done both for your sanity and for the puppy's protection.   If it is your wish we can also wee-wee Pad train your puppy, for those who have apartments or in instances where pad use is preferable to outdoor training. 


   As an added benefit after completing this program, your puppy will be a VIP and eligible for Breedmaster to puppy sit for your pet while you are away on vacation.


 Intensive One-on-One

Advanced Obedience Training


Our training center is capable of accommodating  all of your dog training needs. We're located in Broward County, South Florida, but our services are just a "click" or call away. Contact one of our trainers  to discuss which of our professional Dog Training services you are interested in, or to make an appointment to visit one of our lovable trained dogs available for sale.

Group Puppy Classes

New Classes Starting Regularly


Breedmaster Dog Training offers a five week puppy group class. This is a wonderful program for puppies under a year old and first time puppy owners! You and your dog will learn the basics, you will become more comfortable and your dog will gain valuable socialization skills.