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    Breedmaster offers a group puppy training class specifically designed for puppies under 6 months old, older dogs are allowed in the class, but only after a behavioral evaluation. We try to keep this class focused on puppy training and socialization. This is a foundation building and introductory course, the goal of which is to teach your new Puppy the basic commands that will be used throughout all of the training programs we offer. What your puppy learns here will keep them safe and help mold a courteous new member of your family.   

    One of the questions we hear almost daily is... "When should we start training our Puppy?" The answer is simple "Immediately", don't wait they are never "too young" to learn and the earlier you start working with your new puppy the easier it is to mold them. Always remember your dog wants nothing more than to please you, you are their entire world and it is your responsibility to teach them how to please you. Early training and socialization are possibly the more important part of your canine's development.   

    During this five week introductory program, your puppy will attend a group training class where he/she will learn the 5 basic commands: “Sit, Down, Stay, Heel and Come”, these are the foundation, you will not only be training your new pup, but you will also be learning the skills needed to be a proper handler. You will get to experience the satisfaction of seeing your puppy develop and learn these skills.  Your puppy with also receive some very valuable socialization skills necessary for proper manners when meeting and greeting  new dogs and people. 

  Our lead trainer (Larry) has been training dogs for over thirty years, his experience speaks for itself. We will always go above and beyond to be there and help you with the training process.  We will work with you and your puppy through each stage of his/her training. If needed we will work one on one with you and the puppy. Our main goal is to build confidence in both you and your puppy and get your puppy to graduate by understanding and obeying each of the foundation commands.

   In order for a puppy to graduate from puppy school, the puppy must heel, sit, down, stay and come with little help from its owner. This is not easy, like young children there are endless distractions all around the puppy,  this training helps focus them and expend the nearly endless energy in the proper outlet.  This is also the best part of puppy school. Its hard work, but we will get to laugh the whole way through and there are few things as rewarding as watching your puppy grown and learn. Socialization and learning to work through distraction is a very valuable lesson that must be learned for the safety of your pet.  

  We encourage you to to bring the whole family, we want everyone to at the least observe the lessons, but we prefer everyone participate and will work to accommodate this. This is also a valuable lesson for your puppy  teaching them that it is important to obey all member of the family.  We suggest wearing a pair of comfortable shoes and get ready to have a lot of fun!! 


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 Phone: 954-382-5037

Your Initial Consultation is Free!  


We also offer a seminar that focuses specifically on housebreaking issues. Additionally, you can also speak one-on-one with our trainers about any problem behaviors your puppy is displaying. 

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Our training center is capable of accommodating  all of your dog training needs. We're located in Broward County, South Florida, but our services are just a "click" or call away. Contact one of our trainers  to discuss which of our professional Dog Training services you are interested in, or to make an appointment to visit one of our lovable trained dogs available for sale.

Group Puppy Classes

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Breedmaster Dog Training offers a five week puppy group class. This is a wonderful program for puppies under a year old and first time puppy owners! You and your dog will learn the basics, you will become more comfortable and your dog will gain valuable socialization skills.